We have built end to end solutions for road, rail, air, and sea transport. Tell us your requirement and we will propose all the best possible solutions.

The different modes of transport, road, rail, air, and sea, involves various systems and subsystems that are integrated to work efficiently. The transport industry uses Information Technology from ticketing to passenger systems and automation of their operations.

We have set up communication network, security systems network, and provided information security solutions. Our work includes automating back-office operations in accounting, reconciliation, contract management, providing Travel loyalty points and rewards management, Travel ticket booking systems, and Payment integration in booking systems.

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    Contract Management

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    Rewards Management

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    Travel Ticket Booking System

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    Payment Integration

Build agile networks to provide data driven health care services to your customers. Call us today to find out how a well connected infrastructure can help you improve your operational efficiency

Create a patient-centric environment with our networking solutions. Build to be agile and resilient, our IT infrastructure and networking solutions will help you streamline and simplify operational processes. With integrated cloud solutions caregivers can have access to data anywhere, anytime and on any device. Our healthcare IT solutions are built with uncompromising security for potential threat aversement and to maintain your internal security mandates and policies

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    Data Center Services

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    Engineering and Maintenance

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    IT Infrastructure Services

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    Security Solution

We have executed more than (number) of government projects in different sectors. Call us to know what solutions will best suit your requirements.

The government operations can be carried out effectively by replacing obsolete IT network with the robust networking infrastructure. Mazenet provides networking services on a project basis to implement Ethernet cabling, deploy multi-vendor networks to encourage competition and control cost, bespoke procurement models to suit the price, flexibility, and performance requirements. Governments are demanding high performance and reliable network to enhance their operational efficiency.

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    Data Center Solutions

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    Reverse Engineering

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    Security Solution

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    Software Development

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We are experts in setting up high-speed connectivity that is fully secured. We are also partners with multiple OEMs to give you the best solutions at unbeatable prices.

Partnering with industry-leading OEMs, Mazenet provides best-in-class connectivity required for present-day enterprises. Our services include professional, field, and remote management of networking for effective performance. Targeted enterprise solutions include LAN/WAN solutions for routing, switching, load balancing, and DDI technologies; WAN optimization, visibility maximize data flow efficiency and Firewall management.

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    Data Flow

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    WAN Optimisation

Want to make your operations more productive and agile? We can help implement solutions that would help fasten up your business processes.

The manufacturing industry is using Big Data, cloud, IoT, mobile, and social media to make their business more agile and productive. Mazenet has the expertise to execute end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions that would effectively interconnect machines, employees, suppliers, and customers. Our solutions include IT infrastructure design, engineering and maintenance, datacentre services, IT integration services, physical safety, and security solutions.

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    Data Center Services

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    Engineering & Maintenance

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    IT Infrastructure

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    Security Solution

We have been market leaders in Digital Learning Platforms for 20 years now! We have implemented global technology solutions for many of our clients that have simplified processes in educational institutions.

The Internet and Mobility have redefined the way educational content is delivered to students and trainees. Mazenet networking services extend to educational institutions that require the right IT infrastructure to access seamless and secure content. Our services include high- performance networks within the campus, Wi-Fi Access across the campus, computing and storage solutions, delivery of educational content, and security solutions.

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    Security Solution

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    wifi Campus

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